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A group of us (over 25 people) went to this bar for a bachlorette party after making a reservation and had to pay a cover charge of $5 per person. I know this isn't a ton of money but EVERYWHERE else we went the fee was waived because there were so many people with us. The next bachlorette party to come into the bar was only charged $3 a person and when the "manager" was confronted he just said "so, there is nothing I can do about it". For our 25 people they held two tables that didn't fit half of us. I think that this place sucked and just want everyone to know how shitty our experience was. There are so many places that want 25 hot girls out for a good time to come to their bar and this place doesn't give a shit about it. Go spend your money elsewhere and have a great time!
Posted by bitch Send bitch a private message Leave a public comment for bitch 2009-03-16 21:45:20

Best Bar Ever!! Best Bartenders Ever!! Soo much freakin' fun no questions asked. . . plus you meet the coolest people too!
Posted by attitudesass Send attitudesass a private message Leave a public comment for attitudesass 2007-11-15 16:28:59

Ever since the first time I stepped into this bar thats were it ended. I never went anywhere else ever again. I'm known as "Mama" or "Slut" in the bar. It's one of the most incredible places I've ever been. I spend most of my days there. Everyday is different then the last. It's always different. The workers are awesome and the customers are crazy. I LOVE IT!!!!!!
Posted by Mama Send Mama a private message Leave a public comment for Mama 2007-11-15 13:19:00
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