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This bar also has a restaurant (with a very inexpensive and appetizing looking menu) although most people go there for the bar. It was a Sunday evening at 7pm and the bar was definitely packed. But we were there mainly to eat, hungry after an afternoon on the beach. We're from the Philly area, went to Belmar for the day, and heard about this bar and saw they had a nice menu on their website. As a customer, I've never been treated so disrespectfully in my entire life. You need to be over 21 to have dinner there, which in itself was not a problem since we are 23 and 25, although we were not aware of the fact when we decided to eat there. They obviously don't have their bartenders check people for their IDs or stamp your hands, because once you're in for dinner you can be served alcohol without any further ID checks. However the bouncer would not accept my boyfriend's perfectly valid PA driver's license because it was a duplicate; he had lost his wallet awhile back and had to have a new license issued. He needed a back-up photo Id, all he had was a credit card to prove his name. The bouncer got incredibly nasty with us, started cursing like mad and shouting at us because we asked to speak to a manager. This occurred outside of the establishment, we went inside to find a manager and the bouncer came inside, picked my boyfriend up and threw him outside. I could not believe what was happening. A manager eventually appeared outside, probably alerted by some staff inside, said it was the law that you need another photo ID if your license is a duplicate (although the sign in front of the place said a major credit card was a valid form of back-up Id). Also, my boyfriend had never ever had any issues with his ID at any bar in NJ or PA, or the rest of the US for that matter. The manager did not attempt to even apologize for the bouncer's behavior, and told us that once the bouncer said we couldn't speak to a manager we had no right to enter the bar because we were trespassing on private property. I have never heard of anything so ridiculous in my entire life. I could not believe that we were not allowed to have dinner there on a Sunday night because my 25-year-old boyfriend did not have 2 forms of photo Id. But the worst part was that the staff obviously did not care about us at all since we were treated more or less like the biggest scumbags on Earth. I realize this place is mainly a bar, and a very popular one at that, but I feel that people should know how we were treated even though we mainly went there for dinner. Needless to say we'll never go back there again. And to those people that go there either for the bar, or food, or both, if you look like you're under 30 make sure you have 2 photo IDs with you just to be safe, otherwise you're screwed!
Posted by Anonymous 2005-07-11 00:00:00
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