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The Woodin Nikel does not allow blacks into this establishment. They do not allow "Urban Wear", which is Nigga Clothes. Or plain white t-shirts... on blacks at least. Because in the 11th hour newspaper, they show a Caucasian with a plain white t-shirt on in the establishment. Don't go to this racist piece of shit bar!
Posted by Anonymous 2006-09-15 00:00:00

I went there so many times while in college that I don't remember - loved that place - when I was there they had ladies night on Wednesdays which meant awesome prices - it was always packed and to the person that bitched about the being "manhandled" guess what it's a packed ass bar of course you're going to get shit all over ya! I always had a blast and really enjoyed it drinks are good and prices cheap - what else could you ask for? cheers!
Posted by Anonymous 2006-07-20 00:00:00

i have gone to the woodin nikel about six times since my freshman year of college. i am now a 3rd year senior. every SINGLE time that i've gone to this bar i have been manhandled, pushed around, had beer spilled on me, and have just generally been treated like a subhuman. this does NOT happen to me at any of the other bars in statesboro (well, excluding the beer part!). this happens exclusively at THIS bar. recently, i was kicked out of the nikel because i slapped away a man's hand from my ASS that just happened to be a bouncer. apparently his steroid-infested body did not know how to react to a girl that did not allow him to touch them. this was quite an that i would NEVER hope to repeat. girls, beware...guys, enjoy. it is a place where you can feel up any girl you want to with absolutely no consequences.
Posted by Anonymous 2005-02-20 00:00:00

I love Ace! im def comin to Statesboro sometime to party it up at woodin nikel and rumrunners!! =)
Posted by Anonymous 2003-11-26 00:00:00
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