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This bar, staff, dj and service SUCKKKKSS
Posted by Anonymous 2006-11-17 00:00:00

Legends was a good place to go at one time but now it is the same music every week, the same olddddddd dj every week that plays the music that he likes. It has turned into to JRs and the fights are getting out of control, there is no need of it, there should be something done about it, if it takes shutting the place down to clean up its act then so be it. No one should be aloud to run an establishment with so much disreguard for its patrons. I use to like Legends, but know I will not step in the place,fights all the time and people getting injuried, hope you do something soon to make this place the place it once was, FUN
Posted by Anonymous 2006-11-17 00:00:00

I have been going to Legends for 17 years and have always enjoyed myself. The staff that is there now is not welcoming at all, they are very rude and very forceful. They are on a power trip and make you feel unwelcome. The service is slow, unless they know you or like you. They have raised the cover charge from $2.00 and good service to $4.00 and poor service. Quite disqusted with the kid like staff, minus Kurtis and John for whom you should keep. You should re-evaluate who you hire. And get rid of that DJ that plays what he wants to hear week after week after week the same music never what the customers want to hear everyone complains about the music never changing. This bar is going down thanks to the staff. From the looks of the crowds of late you are going down fast. Was a good place ONCE UPON A TIME
Posted by Anonymous 2006-11-08 00:00:00

i'm going to miss my legends... to slappy, jay jay, tugs, ashley, and all the other legends staff and bar stars...i'm going to miss you tons!!! love bethie
Posted by Anonymous 2006-09-11 00:00:00

I've been a bartender for years and the first and last time I was at Legends was for New Years. I've never seen such poor bar service in my life. The bar staff were slow and inefficient. When there are customers to be served, bartenders should serve them, not stand up and chat with each other. And how can a bar run out of a certain mix on New Years???
Posted by Anonymous 2006-01-01 00:00:00
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