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Hey, who was the freak saying all that crap, I have never seen the owner be any way but decent to his employees and I am I guess what you call a long timer, I have been going there since the doors opened, well even when it was not JB's,it is a great place to go and hang out meet your friends, make new friends, and talk with the people who work there, and you do not have to worry about trouble starting because there is always someone there to stop it before it starts. So, you go guys, by the way does JB's have their own site?
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Well it looks like we have silenced Mr/Mrs Anonymous LOL. Good job! That will teach them to trash such an awesome guy and his business. To anyone who reads these reviews, if your ever in Madison and looking for a great place to go...give JB's a try, you will have a great time!
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Well...well...well....Where do I start? First of all, anonymous.....I WORK AT JB'S AS A BARTENDER!!! If you have a problem come to us and we will fix it for you!!!! We have NO problem whatsoever to help someone. Anyways, about the bar...I love going there. Call me a little partial because I work there but I enjoy just hanging out there too!! I have met lots of new friends and met up with many old friends. I have found a great guy there (who also by the way works there) and I love my boss. NO, NOT IN THAT WAY EITHER. He is a super great guy and would give the shirt off his back for just about anyone. I have never known him to be out of line with either the employees or customers. You should see all the pics we have of wonderful fun events that go on there. I know because I take them!!! I have to say that I work with a great group of people. I never go into work worrying about what bullshit is going to happen because I have great door men and I also have a kick ass door girl that won't take any shit either!! We are not mean but we just don't tolerate bullshit that could ruin the night of the many innocent people that go in there to have a fun time! The bartenders are great and I would recommend anyone to go into the bar and have fun!! Even when there are only a few people we all have fun. The owner will play a game of pool, darts, or just stand around and shoot the shit with ya. Any of us will!!!! I also would like to add that I have brought a few friends there to check out the bar and do you know what???.......They end up going there more then I do.......The New Regulars...l.oh yes and as far as regulars.....we have MANY!!!!! Well, enough said but I hope that you come in to see us all...we would love to serve you!!!
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JB's is my all-time favorite place to hang out and it is really sad that someone who has been there only once has nothing better to do than say negative things about it... and then not even have the balls to post who it's from. In all my time spent at JB's I have never had a bad experience and have never seen any of the staff, ESPECIALLY the owner, act inappropriately to ANYONE, let alone his own employees. It sounds to me as if someone didn't bring home the piece of ass he was looking for and instead of taking responsibility for simply being a loser, he has to go and blame it on the bar... real mature. I would recommend JB's to anyone out looking for a great time in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. I just have one tip for you before you go though... leave your bullshit at the door. And one more tip for "Anonymous"... maybe you should stick to Blackstones in Portland... sounds like that's more to your liking.
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I moved to Maine a few years ago and was having a hard time finding a cool place to hang out. We stumbled upon this bar not too long ago and I was pleasantly surprised at the good time we had. Great atmosphere, very clean, great people and the management is wonderful! I've been to alot of places all over the country and this is definitely one of my favorites!! Thanks for a good time - the great bands - and fantastic drinks! We love you guys! :) Keep up the good work
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It's me again. On my previous post I said the comment above, I meant the comment below. Also, I would like to add that if you want trash and fights and total chaos you can go to Rumours in Skowhegan or Bloomfields and you will fit right in. Save the awesome places for people who know how to have a good time.
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The comment above is so far from the truth it isn't even funny. JB's is an awesome place. The owner is an outstanding person and for someone to say these things about him is crazy. The owner is very professional and his establishment is proof. The place is spotless from top to bottom. His staff are kind and very hospitable. I always have a great time at JB's but if you are looking for a place that is trashy and dirty then you won't like JB's. He does not tolerate bullshit in his establishment because it is not their for peoples trumped up ideas that bars are a place to fight. You will always feel safe in his bar because he doesn't tolerate any trash.
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i was in jbs tavern only once and will never go back. Bad drinks, bad service and all the owner wanted to do is get a piece from his employees. it was sick. will not recommend to anyone.
Posted by Anonymous 2006-07-28 00:00:00
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