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This little bar is a jewel to behold where everyone is made to feel like family. It's such a wonderful place for live rock/blues/jazzy music that we actually drive TWO hours just to enjoy the evening. Of course, places to stay are nearby...and we do mean NEAR!!! From the live music to chips and salsa, to full menu items, to mixed drinks, or ice cold beer, Auntie Skinners offers top notch service and entertainment. The expense? Wow, it's well worth the evening spent in that atmosphere...dress up...dress down...skirts, skorts, shorts,'s all appropriate. No one looks down on you, and no one looks up...we're all there to enjoy the evening. There's no fighting, no crosswords, and plenty of "extended-family" to claim once you arrive and introduce yourselves to a few people. What happens in Jefferson, stays in Jefferson. WE LOVE IT and WE LOVE AUNTIE SKINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE MOST DEFINITELY ENCOURAGE YOU TO CHECK IT OUT YOURSELF and rarely expect to see more than a dozen of the same people twice...unless they are employees....customers are always changing but still, it's an awesome place to relax, unwind, and just be yourself!
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