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I have been going to the Borderline for nearly 10 years off and on and have seen it go through several owners. Once again the Borderline has new ownership. Since Brian took over the bar the atmosphere has changed drastically, it is once again a great place to go and have a good time. I love the owner, staff, and the patrons.
Posted by Sweet & Sassy Send Sweet & Sassy a private message Leave a public comment for Sweet & Sassy 2008-05-28 22:10:07

I am a navy reservist who works out of Port Hueneme once a month and one of the females that I work with brought me to your place of business and I have to say that it feels like home. It is nice to find and atmosphere that make you feel like you at home. Thanks great place and great employees.
Posted by Anonymous 2006-04-27 00:00:00

I have been going to Borderline for over 7 years, and I love it. It is a great place to go for partner dancing. The dance floor is fairly large and is in very good condition overall. They have different kinds of partner dancing on different nights. Right now they have West Coast Swing on Monday nights, salsa on Tuesday nights, and country on Thursday and Saturday nights, with lessons early in the night. Most of the partner dancers are pretty nice, and they get some pretty good dancers here.
Posted by Anonymous 2005-06-23 00:00:00

i love this bar i have been going there 4 years & sence rusty took the place it has only gone up. it is like one huge family filled with love & good times. if you go there make sure you take the time to take a shot, the blow job from mike i know you will enjoy it-army love
Posted by Anonymous 2004-07-18 00:00:00

The bartenders are assholes!! They are very rude and mean. They treat women badly too.
Posted by Anonymous 2004-03-15 00:00:00

mark guy is a sick bouncer at the borderline he states most of the women that go in there dress and act like sluts with stretched out vaginas he also got a girl pregnant and made her get an abortion and then dumped her he is evil and rips off women for phoney dance lessons
Posted by Anonymous 2003-08-04 00:00:00

your bar stinks
Posted by Anonymous 2003-08-02 00:00:00

When this bar opened back in the early 90's it was a great place to dance and hang out. That changed a few years ago when ownership changed, BUT thanks to te new owwners it is once again a great place to dance and have fun. Keep up the good work.
Posted by Anonymous 2003-06-27 00:00:00
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