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I went there for some drinks with some friends, was running a $40 dollar tab until I went to order more drinks and the bar tender reminded me to bring back more glasses because she didn't have any. So I walk back get two glasses and put them on the counter next to other glasses that were brought back when the bartender asks me "Are these your glasses?" pointing at two of the 8 glasses that were there. I said: " I don't know, wash em maybe?" That's when the lady start yelling at me saying that if I have a big mouth like that I can leave the place now. Quote: " I am your bartender, not your bitch!" Not only did that destroy my whole mood, but it made me want to leave, because I get bitched at for them not having enough glasses. So unlike you like to get yelled at for no reason, don't go there.
Posted by Anonymous 2006-10-08 00:00:00
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