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First of all. i would like to start out by saying that fritzs is jammed packed with some of the best folks ive ever met in my life. The bartenders are some of the greatest people i know and full of life and great advice. The owner is a fantastic person. I would also like to say that i think its so funny that someone so negative would waste there time to write up a shitty review about a place they dont belong. As long as we keep negative people out such as urself then we have no problems. Everyone i see in that bar every weekend is wonderful and i would change nothing about the patrons. not the weight of them or the car they drive. or im sorry. tractor. because let me tell u they often pull up to the bar in a tractor. ?? Because your obviously a super judgemental person. so thats all. if u dont like fritz's go to a differant town, because u dont belong in manhattan. peace n muh lovin!!
Posted by gr8ful Send gr8ful a private message Leave a public comment for gr8ful 2007-08-10 23:32:26

a decent, unpretentious tavern. fine bartenders, good management and a nice working class clientele. its a tavern, not a rush street fern bar.
Posted by Barb & Teech Send Barb & Teech a private message Leave a public comment for Barb & Teech 2007-07-20 11:39:14

(I'm guessing the previous comments were posted by 20somethings drinking beer all night trying to get laid, then blaming the bar when they were unsuccessful. I can't believe their obvious perfection and sparkling personalities didn't get the job done!) As a patron, I've found Fritz' to be a GREAT place to drink, watch sports, play video games, darts, music... talk with old friends or make new. Spotless bathrooms and barware, bartenders who can speak in complete sentences, pleasing decor, variety of age groups. Fritz' has all the components for a thriving, vibrant atmosphere!! IT WORKS!
Posted by Barb & Teech Send Barb & Teech a private message Leave a public comment for Barb & Teech 2007-07-19 10:54:27

Holeee Crap! This place has changed. Waldo's used to be rowdy! At least I scored with a lady. She was a little older. I would like to thank the bartender for returning her dentures that she left soaking in a glass of Miller Lite. I had fun and she didn't mind that I chewed tobacco. Good times all around!
Posted by Anonymous 2003-10-09 00:00:00

After 12 draft beers, each glass dirtier than the last I got the rumbles. I would like to apologize to to the management and patrons for all the mud on the walls and the stench I left behind in that broom closet that is supposed to be the mensroom.
Posted by Anonymous 2003-08-10 00:00:00
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