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I have no complaints. I will mention that last New Year's eve, my friend was not admitted because she was wearing running shoes. (there is a dress code posted outside of the club). I didn't think she would wear running shoes to a club.. but she did. Let's be fair. If you want to wear track pants.. or running shoes.. or a baseball cap. Go to a pub. It was disappointing that she had to change her shoes..but that's the way it goes. The food is great! Especially the fried calamari. Not greasy, no smell. The staff ..doormen... barstaff..and coat check girls are all wonderful! The manager is also a nice guy, although he can appear intimidating. Truth is, I feel comfortable and completely safe. The only thing that I would change: 1. better ventilation - way too much smoke in the club; 2. if they got a license for a patio during summer month; 3. if they played more retro music. Wednesdays are a lot of fun. : )) Try it, you just might enjoy yourself.
Posted by Anonymous 2003-12-29 00:00:00

To whom it may concern, This review by the Toronto Star is a joke. "Casual dressers mingle amiably with suit-and-tie types who come directly from the office and remain past midnight. With friendly staff and patrons, everyone, in time, can come to know your name. Upbeat and endearing...really! - Toronto Star Review" On April 16, 2003, a bunch of us who where working late decided to go out and watch the leafs game at Crocodile Rock on Adelaide Street in Toronto. We got to the bar, had some food, and some of our other co-workers came later. The General Manager told one of my co-workers that he was not allowed in because of their dress code. When we asked what that was, we where told it was because he wore a baseball cap and running shoes. When we asked about the other patron's with baseball caps and running shoes, we where told that they arrived before 9 when the dress code was in effect and he didn't arrive until about 9:30 or 10:00. The manager also said he had other violations of the dress code; he had a sweatshirt on (most clients did) and he had a chain on his wallet. I don't recall hearing about the other violation as I was too upset to even listen. It seemed to us that he was picked on because he was young, dressed a little hip hop, with tattoos and piercings. Needless to say our entire group was not going to to stay while he was booted out. We had all the open drinks credited back to the tab, and the 14 of us left and went across the street to Vinnies. It was a much more inviting atmosphere, more fun, great staff and we had a great time. We drank lots of shooters, stayed to the end of the 3rd overtime of the Leaf's loss 8-(, and spent about twice as much as we did at the Rock. If you are under 40 and have any sense of style you may get kicked out of the Rock with their dress code. Even if you don't the GM is still rude and it's not a very inviting place to go Richard B
Posted by Anonymous 2003-04-17 00:00:00

Alright Food, Great Interior, nice waitresses, TERRIBLE MANAGER. Here's a summary of my night. I meet up with a few friends and co-workers to have food and drinks for the leafs game. We end up spending more than anyone else in the restaurant and not causing any scene...we were actually very tame. A friend shows up in literally a sweater and running shoes and the manager has the nerve to enforce a dress code that didn't even exist. Of course this manager thought he was all swuave with his new stitches shirt and walmart shoes. If you want to drop a load of money and get treated like crap by a high school drop out that couldn't manage a phone booth...go to Crocdile Rock on Adelaide, Toronto.
Posted by Anonymous 2003-04-17 00:00:00

What kind of place doesn’t allow baseball caps after 9pm on a Wednesday night during a leafs playoff game? The answer: Toronto’s Very own, Crocodile Rock. Yes that’s right folks, come and relax for a lovely evening in Toronto’s premier Night Spot. Just remember the following rules to avoid being asked to leave: No baseball hats No sweatshirts No piercings No wallet chains No sudden movements No smiling No direct eye contact Keep laughter to a minimum Do not approach the General Manager because he’s ignorant, irrational and is completely void of all inter-personal skills and business sense Do not regurgitate the food, try to hold it down even though it rates lower than dog food No large groups of peaceful fun loving hockey fans who are just out to enjoy a game after a hard days work and willing to spend lots of money If you can miraculously find a way to slip through the cracks of the elaborate codes of conduct, you should have great time.
Posted by Anonymous 2003-04-17 00:00:00

The guys are totally sleezy, greasy, agressive, and rude. Too bad cause it's a nice bar with friendly staff!
Posted by Anonymous 2003-04-14 00:00:00
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