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The pizza is good and greasy. Slides right off the plate if your aren't careful. Good atmosphere. I suggest the up stairs for eating and downstairs for straight drinking. Could us a face lift but that is part of its charm.
Posted by jew02 Send jew02 a private message Leave a public comment for jew02 2007-01-06 03:10:50

Last night a couple of my girlfriends and I met at Hoops for dinner and drinks. A couple of us ordered the buy one, get one free slice of pizza special. When it was time to go, they would not give us a to go box for our pizza! We were stunned! I understand that maybe some of the Bradley kids abused this, but we immediately left and will not be visiting the restaurant any time soon unless something is done. So I took my slice of pizza out, in my hands and plan to eat it today. I used to love this bar, but it makes no sense to have to down both pieces becuase I can't get a to go box! Last time we come in to drop $50+ for a long while. It's too bad.
Posted by Anonymous 2006-11-09 00:00:00

They have great calzones, this is one of the best places to get some food on the way home from the bars (definitely beats La Bamba's).
Posted by Anonymous 2005-08-22 00:00:00

Go here for late nite or anytime chow! The stromboli is great!
Posted by Anonymous 2005-08-04 00:00:00

I would just like to thank the owner of this bar, he was really cool and very hospitable to the Juggalos when we were in Peoria in July of 2002. This was a fun place to hang out!!!!
Posted by Anonymous 2003-03-12 00:00:00
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