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i agree soupies does suck and you'd figure after nearly being shutdown in 2001 they would learn but just down the road across from schotts buick is the dew drop lounge which is worst becuase the two bitches that work there on the weekends don't do shit to keep it under control there's always fights,people being forced to by their sleazbag freinds drinks,people either being assualted,robbed,or intimataded hell iwas there one friday night never got waited on becuase the goofs were in the bathroom getting high and if passout or get hit in the head and bleeding they don't call 911 instead you are carried out and placed either infront of another bar or on the corner or thrown out if still standing and possably have your wallet stollen and if you talk to one of the few pretty girls that go in their the local goons get in your face so my advice advoid this pigpen or pack a pistol beleive me certain people do it all the time
Posted by Anonymous 2005-04-20 00:00:00

soupie's is a very grungy bar, but it is the only place to hang out and have a good time. There is not really any other place near campus besides Dana's. Face it, it is a bar so it is going to be scrubby. You just have to suck it up and deal with it.
Posted by Anonymous 2004-10-22 00:00:00

Hmm...what should I say about Soupies...or what I prefer to call it, "Satan's Ass Hole". Well, I think that if I took a crap in a glass, filled it up with pee, dumped it out, and then poured a beer in it and drank'd still be more sanitary than poopies itself. Its a total trash hole. The fact that people actually pay to enter such a crap hole is terrible. Yea, if you wanna drink, go buy some booze and drink it in a porta-potty. Same old crap hole, no cover charge.
Posted by Anonymous 2004-09-27 00:00:00

Q: What is the difference between Soupie's and a bucket of shit? A: The bucket.
Posted by Anonymous 2004-09-27 00:00:00

They should just change the name to Poopie's because that is what it really is. It's not even worth the energy to walk into the god damn place. Poopie's truely is poopalicious, so if you want to be a Pooper knock your self out at Poopie's!
Posted by Anonymous 2004-09-22 00:00:00

ben sucks cuz he's a tool. poopies sucks too.
Posted by Anonymous 2004-09-22 00:00:00

Posted by Anonymous 2004-02-08 00:00:00

Soupies is an amazing bar. The people are great and fun once you get to know them. The locals and the X students get along most of the time. I would never drink in another bar ever.
Posted by Anonymous 2003-11-04 00:00:00
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