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If you like hoochies in abundance, bouncers on Napoleonic power trips, bathrooms that haven't been cleaned in years, less than cordial service from the bartenders, and an overall atmosphere of human indignance, then this is the place to go. While being drunk in public is widely accepted here, it's a lot easier on your wallet, less itchy to your crotch, and safer to your well-being to simply do so on your own street corner. For that matter, the brown bag holding your King Cobra tastes better and is more nutritious than the pizza served within the compounds of this tasteless disutopiate of a bar.

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Beers on Tap: 1-5       # of Bars: 1          
Dance Floor: Yes   Pool Tables: Yes   Dart Boards: No
Parking: Street parking available

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Location: Amherst, Massachusetts
United States
Category: Bar/Pub
Price: Dirt Cheap
Patron Age: College Age
Cover Charge: Sometimes
Added: 2003-03-04

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