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Walt and Hanks is a simple local bar that serves fresh beer on tap and simple but hearty sandwiches. You can build your own sandwich as long as you buy a beer....but give Eddie a dollar tip. The floors creak a lot and the 20 foot ceiling is original. There is a small fireplace you can sit by and get warmed up. Leave the pensioners alone unless they ask you a question like, "where you from boy", that sort of thing. They play cribbage a lot and some checkers. Nice slow bar. If you get there early they'll cash your paycheck if it's not to big.

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Beers on Tap: 1-5       # of Bars: 1          
Dance Floor: No   Pool Tables: Yes   Dart Boards: Yes
Parking: Street parking available

Contact Info
Location: 935 Pearl St.
Boulder, Colorado 80304
United States
Phone: (303) 449-4070
Category: Bar/Pub
Price: Dirt Cheap
Patron Age: Older Crowd
Cover Charge: Never
Added: 2007-08-27

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