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A genuine dirt-encrusted jewel. One beer on tap and an old-fashioned drain around the base of the bar - to make it easier to hose the floor off I guess. Miss Gertie (barowner in her 70's) keeps folks in-line minding their manners but still having a damn good time. She's no prude! You have to ring a buzzer to get in. This is a holdover from the "private club" days of Louisiana where the thing that got you into the club was how you looked and whether or not the management wanted "your kind" inside. You don't have to like it, but it is a little piece of kitschy history and totally lends to the overall feeling of the place. Daytime crowd tends to be older codgers (war vets, life-long NOLA residents etc.) the day progresses the crowd mixes nicely. At night there are plenty of young professionals and not really any jobless college kids that you might find at other bars/clubs in this area (near Loyola and Tulane). The girls frequenting this place tend to be sweet and down-to-earth with an attitude. The guys tend to be average joes who make a decent living but don't enjoy blowing 9 bucks a drink at the usual uptown and downtown watering holes. Overall - it's a slice of NOLA history and at 2 or 3 bucks a beer...what could be better? Treat yourself to a plate of nachos at Superior Bar and Grill across the street and have your 6 dollar margarita...but then stumble on across to the Mayfair to spend the next three or four hours meeting some really fine folks...New Orleans style.

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Beers on Tap: 1-5       # of Bars: 1          
Dance Floor: No   Pool Tables: Yes   Dart Boards: No
Parking: Street parking available

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Location: 1505 Amelia St
New Orleans, Louisiana
United States
Category: Bar/Pub
Price: Low
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Cover Charge: Never
Added: 2007-07-07

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