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When entering the front door, don't be discouraged by the 10 plus middle-aged regulars (and by regulars I mean old guys who spend every waking hour of their day in the place, belly up to the bar). I swear they cover their eyes and hiss when the door swings open. Just past the inside bar and beyond the permanent cloud of smoke lies an outdoor oasis that is the Arlin's beer garden, complete with its very own bar, patio furniture, (they even have fire pits and heat lamps for those chilly fall nights) and sometimes even live music. Given the brick fire house and other buildings pressing up against the courtyard, the beer garden exhudes a slightly hip, urban aura. Arlin's has a pretty decent menu too with grill/bar food - be sure to try the macaroni and cheese bites, they're deep-fried balls of mac 'n cheese and they're perfect. Even when confined to the inside bar, Arlin's is the perfect place to kick back with a couple beers and have a few conversations with friends - conversations you can surprisingly hear. And bring a few singles to pump into the jukebox - who knows, maybe one of the regulars will start grooving - if you're lucky.

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Beers on Tap: 6-10       # of Bars: 2          
Dance Floor: No   Pool Tables: Yes   Dart Boards: Yes
Parking: Street parking available

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Location: 307 Ludlow Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
United States
Phone: (513) 751-6566
Category: Bar/Pub
Price: Low
Patron Age: Total Mix
Cover Charge: Never
Added: 2003-07-28

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