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OK, what needs to be said about Travatos? Go there, get a pitcher (You will pay more to drink here, but it is worth it) and a white pizza. If you aren't down with seafood, ask for the green sauce. Sit out on the porch and have a good time. On Wednesdays in the summer they have a polka band that plays there, quite the experience that everyone should experience once. If you are out for a romantic evening, head to the restaurant in the back, the food is awesome and the wine list is one of the best in the city. Be a little careful when parking in their lot, you do get boxed in sometimes. If you plan on leaving during the dinner rush, you would be advised to park accross the street in front of the radio station.

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Beers on Tap: 6-10       # of Bars: 1          
Dance Floor: No   Pool Tables: No   Dart Boards: No
Parking: Street and private parking available

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Location: 5013 Underwood Ave
Omaha, Nebraska 68132
United States
Phone: (402) 556-9505
Category: Restaurant/Lounge
Price: High
Patron Age: Total Mix
Cover Charge: Never
Added: 2003-02-10

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