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This is a great and smooth tasting drink!
Posted by Anonymous 2005-11-21 00:00:00

1 1/2 oz. vodka, 1/2 oz. apple pucker, splash of peach schnapps. Put into a 12 oz. glass over ice. Add orange juice and pineapple juice to almost the top. Add half and half...but you have to mix as you add the half and half. This is the original way of the scooby snack before the 'short cuts' came out.
Posted by Anonymous 2004-12-29 00:00:00

Try Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay Coconut Rum instead of Malibu. It's a much better rum.
Posted by Anonymous 2004-12-29 00:00:00

This is a great shot but I have always used a splash of Half & Half instead of the whipped cream. I make it by the pitcher full at all of my parties!
Posted by Anonymous 2004-10-28 00:00:00

shake all ingredients including whipped cream then strain...yummy!
Posted by Anonymous 2004-06-26 00:00:00

This is quite possibly the most horrible drink Ive ever tried. My friend made it for me at a bar he worked at and I know he can make drinks real well and the drink was nasty!
Posted by Anonymous 2004-06-16 00:00:00

this shot is smooth and fruity and it's my new fav! Rery Rummy! :)
Posted by Anonymous 2004-03-14 00:00:00

good stuff man. goes down soooo easy. A crowd favorite as well, but watch out, you can easily drink 10-15 shots in a short period, and you'll eventually get your arse kicked.
Posted by Anonymous 2003-11-19 00:00:00

this drink is great especially as a drink form.
Posted by Anonymous 2003-11-16 00:00:00

This drink tastes VERY GOOD! I don't like shots but I like this one!!
Posted by Anonymous 2003-10-17 00:00:00

Awesome drink you need to use more malibu than midori tho.
Posted by Anonymous 2003-10-09 00:00:00

i LOVE scooby snacks!! this drink is not upsetting at all. Yay
Posted by Anonymous 2003-09-27 00:00:00

Does anybody know the recipe of this not as a shot but as a drink?
Posted by Anonymous 2003-08-09 00:00:00

rot-roh! ("mmmmmmmmmm!")
Posted by Anonymous 2003-07-12 00:00:00

Posted by Anonymous 2003-05-05 00:00:00

these are so awesome
Posted by Anonymous 2002-12-31 00:00:00
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