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Some of your post are REDICULOUS to say the least! This one is just plain stupid! How many ozs do you think are in a Highball glass? 12oz OJ & 3oz Vodka? There is no single booze drink that takes 3 ozs first of all. Second a Highball glass is 8 ozs. A Pint glass is 16 ozs & with your instructions to pour over ice would mean you need at least a 20 oz glass to prepare this drink! Normally I just laugh at your incorrect posts but today went just too far. I don't know if you ever Bartended but I know you NEVER managed or owned a bar. You are a dumbass STOP trying to screw-up Real receipes for drinks.
Posted by tonytcubed Send tonytcubed a private message Leave a public comment for tonytcubed 2011-01-28 12:51:36
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