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The word "wall" comes from the use of Galliano, yes; however, it is not because it hits the wall when you grab it. "Against the Wall" is used because Galliano is used in a "Harvey Wallbanger". Which may have gotten it's name from the hitting of the wall, but most popular opinions are: Version 1: Bartender Bill Doner created it while a bartender at The Office in Newport Beach, California. Version 2 (and much more fun to tell): In California a surfer named Harvey liked his screwdrivers spiked with Galliano. After a bad day, when he lost an important surfing contest, he had one too many. Trying to leave the bar, Harvey stumbled into both furniture and the wall. Being a regular at this bar, and despite his performance, he returned and simply became known as “the Wallbanger”. loc.cit.:
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ANY drink with the word WALL in it is supposed to have galliano...the big bottle of the yellow liquor because it hits the WALL when you grab it... Just a tip from a bartender...
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