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I don't know where this recipe came from, but in the south this aint the way.
Posted by shutterup Send shutterup a private message Leave a public comment for shutterup 2010-05-01 10:11:06

I used this recipe on new years...This is not meant to be drank out of the pint glass. I drank 6-7 and I was done
Posted by Eddie Send Eddie a private message Leave a public comment for Eddie 2007-01-02 16:37:35

For a true alabama slammer you need: sloe gin, southern comfort, 100 proof vodka, yukon jack, amaretto, grenadine, and orange juice... mix that up and you'll have a very nice night!
Posted by Anonymous 2004-11-01 00:00:00

This is by far one of the best drinks... we used to mix this up in one of those big orange gaterade coolers with the faucet. [think waterboy!]
Posted by Anonymous 2004-06-12 00:00:00
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