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I quote "As everyone knows, the French "75" is a small obsolete weapon, ineffective in modern times. Its namesake is also innocuous, being compoised of lemon juice, sugar, cognac, and champagne. The lemon juice supplies vitamin C and thereby helps to prevent scurvy, always a menace at sea, and the sugar gives quick energy. The exact formulation is a matter of taste. Some like it not too sweet, some like it not too sour, some think that too much ice is bad for the stomach. Bit it needs plenty of champagne to provide bubbles and cognac to give it body." If you want to relive the Tramp Royale party substitute authentic south american Pisco (A grape brandy) for the Cognac and you have a Ticky Heinlein version of the French 75!
Posted by Anonymous 2003-11-06 00:00:00
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