Cocktail Recipe: Paint Cans Add to My Drinks
1 fifth(s) Vodka
1 liter(s) Sprite
1 can(s) Limeade Concentrate
1 can(s) Lemonade Concentrate
2 inch(es) Ice

In an empty paint can that has been cleaned properly from lid to bottom. Put two inches of ice in the bottom of the cleaned paint can. Then add 1 fifth of vodka, limeade concentrate, lemonade concentrate, and 1 litre of sprite. Hammer the lid onto the paint can. shake the hell out of the mixture and and then put your safety glasses on and pop the lid with a screw driver. WATCH OUT the lid will fly atleast 5 feet in the air. Drink with straws and have a good time. Thank the Beakes, of Beta Kappa Epsilon with this great drink.
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