Cocktail Recipe: Red Death #2 Add to My Drinks
1 oz Vodka
1 oz Triple Sec
1/2 oz Lime Juice
1/2 oz Southern Comfort
1 oz Amaretto
1/2 oz Sloe Gin
1 splash(es) Lemon Juice

Mix together, shake, and pour into large shot glass(es). This is an East coast drink. It is essentially a kamakasi and an Alabama Slammer mixed together (the easiest way to tell a bartender how to make it). It should taste just like Hawaiian Punch when done correctly. The effects, though, are quite different! I was not certain how to make an Alabama Slammer, so I used the one in your listing. I hope it is correct. I thought an Alabama Slammer had O.J. in it! Oh well... give it a try!
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