Cocktail Recipe: Spoli Add to My Drinks
1 fifth(s) Everclear
1 fifth(s) Light Rum
1 fifth(s) Gin
1 fifth(s) Vodka
1 fifth(s) Midori Melon Liqueur
12 - 16 quart(s) Fruit Punch
3 - 4 piece(s) Fruit (chopped up)

Start with a bag of ice at the bottom of a big cooler. Then add two cans of the fruit punch to the bottom of the cooler. After this grab a friend or two and pour all the alcohols in at the same time. I find this works best. Then add the rest of the fruit punch and top it off with the fruit. I find that apples, pineapple chunks, and oranges work best. Stir like a madman. However many cans of fruit punch you add depends on the size and drinking ability of the crowd. Excellent for big crowds and parties.
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