Cocktail Recipe: Bionic Beaver Add to My Drinks
2 oz Premium Vodka
2 oz Premium Rum
2 oz Premium Gin
2 oz Triple Sec
1 oz Peach Schnapps
1-1/2 oz Orange Juice
1-1/2 oz Pineapple Juice
1/2 oz Grenadine
2 pint(s) Beer

Fill beer pitcher half way with ice cubes and add liqour and juices, fill to top with beer and stir. Should turn a light pink color. BEWARE-the beaver loves to get hold of females and can be equally destructive to males on hot summer days. It is VERY easy to drink quickly so be careful!!!!! LONG LIVE THE BEAVER!
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Category: Beer-Based
Glass: Pitcher
Added: 2002-12-29

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