Cocktail Recipe: Black Witch Add to My Drinks
1/3 pint(s) Cider
1/3 pint(s) Lager
2 shot(s) Pernod
2 shot(s) Black Currant Cordial

First take your cider (not scrumpy or still) and pour in about a third of a pint into your pint glass (exact measurements are not required). Then take your lager/light beer and, again, pour about a third into your pint glass, (do cider first it stops the whole lot fizzing up), then input 2 shots of Pernod into the conncoction, (this provides the killer touch), finally pour in the blackcurrent cordial, the amount depending on how you want it to taste. WooHoo you now have yourself a Black Witch one of the finest tasting drinks that'll ever pass your lips.
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Category: Experimental
Glass: Beer Mug
Added: 2002-12-29

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