Cocktail Recipe: Straw-Beery Add to My Drinks
1 pint(s) Beer
2 piece(s) Strawberry Mike & Ikes

Add 1 or 2 Strawberry Mike & Ikes to your beer. It gives your beer a refreshing taste, it's actually pretty damn good. It doesn't taste like a cooler. Me and my friend where in the bar when he was telling me about this bar he went to where they put berries in with the beer. I had some Mike & Ikes in my pocket, and when he went to the pisser I added a couple to his drink. He came back and loved it so we all tried it. It isn't for everyone but some of us like it. The outside dissolves and the inside doesn't, so it doesn't sweeten the beer, just gives it a little kick. Gonna try Hot Tamalaes!
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Category: Beer-Based
Glass: Beer Mug
Added: 2003-02-28

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