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1.5 oz Venezuelan White Rum
1.5 oz Aniversario Pampero Rum
5 drop(s) Angostura Bitters
3 dash(es) Lemon Juice
1 slice(s) Lemon(s)
Fill glass(es) Ice
3 part(s) Diet Coke

In a mixer glass put the rum ingredients and mix well, then fill a high ball glass full of ice, put the lemon juice, the angostura bitter, pour the rum mix into the high ball glass, fill with Diet Coke and garnish with the lemon slice, is almost the same of the traditional Cuba Libre, but with the difference of the Diet Coke but the same political situation of having the same dictatorship of hugo chavez and fidel castro, that's the reason I've named this drink because the suffering of my people and for the freedom of my country.
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Category: Cocktail
Glass: Highball Glass
Added: 2004-07-29

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