Cocktail Recipe: Neon Night Add to My Drinks
6-8 shot(s) Mountain Dew
1-2 shot(s) Beer
2 shot(s) Mad Dog (40/40) Strawberry Bananna

Put the mountain dew in a plastic cup (or whatever you prefer). Add Mad Dog slowly to make the fizz stay. If you want to make it cool add one of the shots of beer, and then drop the other shot in and chug chug chug. Otherwise just drop both shots in and be a loser who has no fun. Get your buddies together and drink some of these up! Email me and tell me what you think. It's actually a tasty get drunk quick drink. Maybe someone who likes wine coolers would like this drink. WARNING: If you drink more than 7 in an hour you WILL puke. I advise you to mix this drink in when your kind of sick of drinking beer and doing shots. Make this drink the last few you have, for a longer lasting buzz.
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Category: Experimental
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Added: 2006-03-06

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