Cocktail Recipe: Buffett's Perfect Margarita Add to My Drinks
3 wedge(s) Lime(s)
2 oz Cuervo 1800
1/2 oz Jose Cuervo White
1/2 oz Bols Triple Sec
1 splash(es) Bols Orange Curacao
1 1/4 oz Rose's Lime Juice

Follow directions exactly. 1) Fill shaker with broken cubed ice. 2) Squeeze 2 fresh lime wedges into shaker. 3) Savor the fresh lime aroma! 4) Add 2 oz of Cuervo 1800. 5) Sniff the cork. 6) Add 1/2 oz of Jose Cuervo White(optional) 7) Add 1 1/4 oz of Rose's Lime Juice. 8) Add 1/2 oz of Bols Triple Sec. 9) Add a Splash of Bols Orange Curacao. 10) Cover shaker TIGHTLY. 11) SHAKE vigorously. 12) Flip shaker in mid-air twice. 13) Uncover shaker and savor the flavor. 14) Rim outside of glass with lime peel. 15) Salt the outside of glass, add fresh ice. 16) Strain mixture over ice. 17) Squeeze 1 wedge of lime into glass, then toss wedge over left shoulder. 18) Kick back, throw on some Jimmy Buffett, and enjoy.
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