Cocktail Recipe: Vapor Lock Add to My Drinks
1 oz Sambuca
1 - Straw

This is called a vapor lock, I learned it from a guy in Alaska. Buy some clear sambuca. It is a liquour that is potent and smells and tastes like licorice. Next, get a tall white wine class and fill 1 ounce of sambucca into it. Tilt the glass and coat the sides of it with the liquour. Dim the lights and ignite the side of the wine glass and watch as the blue flame burns. Let it burn for a couple of seconds and then place your hand on top of the glass. Careful, it will be hot but the flame will go out and your hand will be suctioned to the glass. At this point all of the vapors are trapped inside of the glass. Make an opening on the top of the glass between your fingers for a straw and suck the vapors off the top of the liquid. Be sure only to inhale the air, not the alcohol. Take your hand off and take the shot. Use of these is like taking 4 shots. Have fun!
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