Cocktail Recipe: Grain Punch Add to My Drinks
1 liter(s) Vodka
1 liter(s) Grain Alcohol
5 gal(s) Water
2 1/2 package(s) Fruit Punch (powdered mix)
5 - Fruit (assorted)

Mix the water, vodka, and grain. Then mix in the powdered fruit punch (can be Hawaiian Punch or similar). Make sure you put in enough for 5 gallons. Cut up the fruits and toss them in. Enjoy but be careful, you can't taste the grain and many people (especially under 21) don't know how to handle such an alcohol and poisoning may occur. Grain is illegal in some states so some people may not be able to find it. Be careful with this drink, it tastes really good so you will get drunk and not even realize how drunk till later. This is really good for large parties and mixed in tubs, just keep in mind it is very strong although it may not seem so.
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