Cocktail Recipe: Cave Punch Add to My Drinks
1 gal(s) Vodka (fruit flavored if possible)
1 gal(s) Rum
2 bottle(s) Five Alive
2 bottle(s) Pineapple Juice
2 can(s) Pineapple(s) (chunks)
2 can(s) Mandarin Orange(s) (optional)

This drink actually works best if mixed and stored in a big Coleman 64 Quart cooler. Place Rum and Vodka in freezer to chill. When cold, pour in cooler along with cold fruit juices. Add canned fruit along with juices and mix together. Should keep cool for about 2-3 hours easy. The bonus is that after a day or so, the fruit absorbs the alcohol so you get a nice buzz while eating your Vitamin C! This drink got its name from my brother-in-law Kent, and his college buddy Dave (Kent+Dave=Cave) plus it kinda looks like something brewing in a cave. Enjoy!!!

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