Cocktail Recipe: Irish James Add to My Drinks
2 shot(s) Peppermint Schnapps
1 shot(s) Bailey's Irish Cream
12 oz Guinness

Pour the guiness, then add the schnapps and Bailey's, mix, and enjoy your shamrock shake inspired beverage. This drink was named for a homeless man who I met at the Ribfest in Erie, PA. He was drunk out of his mind, so we gave him some of our ribs to help him settle down. Just when we thought he was sobering up, he proceeded to throw the bones at people, not sparing women or children. A few minutes later he began harrassing the dixie chicks cover band that was playing at the time, and hugging total strangers. He can be found on the streets or Erie soliciting money or cigarettes. If you see him, tell him there is a drink named for him.
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