Cocktail Recipe: Paint Can (Hard Core Version) Add to My Drinks
1/2 fifth(s) Everclear
1 can(s) Limon Concentrate
1 can(s) Lime Concentrat
1 liter(s) Mountain Dew

Get a new, clean paint can. Fill with 1/2 of a fifth of everclear. Add 1/2 can of limon concentrate and one half can of lime concentrate (or more to taste). Fill the can a least half of the way with ice and then top off with Mountain Dew. The seasoned veterans add mint leaves for a gourmet drink, but they are not necessary. Also, it is imperative that the concoction is stirred with a stick. It helps break down the enzymes in the alcohol. Or I could be lying. Have fun, but be careful, this drink catches up with you in a hurry.
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Added: 2008-09-15

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