Cocktail Recipe: Illegal Alien Add to My Drinks
6 Other Tequila
1 can(s) Coke
1 wedge(s) Lime(s)

Pour the tequila reasonably slowly into a tall glass (pint or larger) on a five second count: one, two, three, four, fiiiiiiiive (OK a 6 count!), squeeze all the juice from 1/3 lime wedge, then throw the thing in there, add good amount of ice, swirl it around while adding the can of Coke (or stir if you want to waste the drinking time). Voila! Illegal Alien! Kind of a Cuba Libre w/Mexican influence, hence the name! Any of you who are offended by the name can first lighten up, then lick my nards!
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Category: Cocktail
Glass: Mason Jar
Added: 2008-05-18

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