Cocktail Recipe: Kick Yo' Ass 2 2Morrow Add to My Drinks
2 shot(s) Vodka
2 shot(s) Crown Royal Canadian Whisky
1 shot(s) Smirnoff Apple Twist
1 shot(s) Silver Tequila
5-6 drop(s) Grenadine
4-5 drop(s) Lime Juice
Fill Other Apple Juice

In a mixing tumbler, pour in liquers (You can add or negate a shot here or there to your personal favorite taste, but MAKE SURE you use at LEAST 1 shot of everything listed). Add Grenadine and Lime Juice. If desired, add LIME WEDGE or LEMON WEDGE or STRAWBERRY (Squeeze and drop in mix), and place 3-4 ice cubes in the tumbler. Fill to top with Apple Juice (Orange Juice is good, too, just make sure you use the Orange Twist instead of the Apple). Shake and pour ice-cold shots. *NOTE: You may want to coat the inside of the shot glass(es) with water and freeze for an extra zing for the shot. ENJOY AND HOLD ON TO A WALL
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