Cocktail Recipe: Chocolate Monkey Add to My Drinks
2 scoop(s) Chocolate Ice Cream
1 shot(s) Banana Liqueur
1 shot(s) Chocolate Liqueur
2-3 squirt(s) Thick Chocolate Sauce
1 piece(s) Banana
1-2 squirt(s) Whipped Cream

Put the liquors, the ice cream, the sauce and the banana into a food processor with 3-4 cubes of ice (to make it extra cold!). Blend until smooth, thick and creamy, pour into the wine glass and top with a generous mound of whipped cream. Garnish with a straw and a maraschino cherry, and enjoy.... Brainfreeze!!!!
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Category: Cream
Glass: Red Wine Glass
Added: 2002-12-29

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