Cocktail Recipe: Tequila Sunrise Jello Shots Add to My Drinks
1 - 4 box(es) Jello Mix (strawberry or cherry)
2 - 4 box(es) Jello Mix (orange)
1/2 cup(s) Tequila
5 cup(s) Water

Works best to use the plastic (2oz.) condiment cups w/ the lids, buy @Sams club or maybe walmart. Make the strawberry(cherry) jello as the directions read(1 c. Boiling water& 1 c. cold)I use just a few ounces less of cold water so it jells fairly hard, Have cups on cookie sheets for ease of movement..pour approx. 1 tsp. of red jello in condiment cups then put in fridge so it sets firm. In another bowl dissolve orange jello mix with 2c. boiling water, stir well. this can sit for 15-20 min. to cool some. Pour tequila in measuring cup, up to the 1c. mark ( I actually use less Tequila than this because its such an overpowering taste,I'd say about 3/4c.) then I'll add 3 or 4 ice cubes to the tequila {the ice will melt and cool the jello a little more before pouring over the red set layer}. fill to just below the 2 c. line W/ cold water. (remember we used 2 boxes of orange, so 2 c. boiling H2O and 1c.(or 3/4C.) tequila and 1c.or more cold H20, not to exceed 2c.tequila/cold water ) pour orange mix (get orange/tequila jello fairly cool before adding to 1st layer, but before it gels) on top of set red layer, just til shooter cup is 1/2 full-/+ Refridgerate until all jello in cup is set. 3-4 hours. Adjust alcohol to taste,but be sure the cold/alcohol is the same amount of hot water used. try using a few ounces less hot and cold water...I find it sets better. My friends love them!!! The red and orange layers are very Teq. sunrise like ;)
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