Cocktail Recipe: Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster #1 Add to My Drinks
4 measure(s) Absolut Citron Vodka
1 measure(s) Goldschlager
1 measure(s) Bacardi 151 Rum
1 measure(s) Everclear
1-2 wedge(s) lemon wedges (garnish/chaser)

* Always serve ice cold.
* For best results, chill all alcohol in freezer before and after preparation.
* Serve with lemon wedges as chaser or garnish.

1. Decide how much you want to make. One liter will put four to five large men under the table, depending upon speed of ingestion and prior experience with hard liquor.

* You want to prepare it all at once for two reasons:
o Measuring out 1/7th of a single shot is pretty tricky.
o Once the bartender has participated in a few rounds, he probably isn't fit to tie his shoes, much less handle basic-division and icy glass bottles.

2. Take the amount desired and divide by seven to determine the size of each part.

3. Make sure you have enough Citron, you need four times as much vodka as anything else.

4. Shake Goldschlager well before measuring, this ensures more equal use of the essential gold flakes. Be very careful to use no more than one part Goldschlager, as the cinnamon taste is very strong and the liquid tends to gel, causing an undesireable aftertaste.

5. Use your own discretion when measuring out the rum. The desired color can be achieved with rum constituting as little as 1/8th, to as much as 1/6th of the drink. If you like rum, use a fraction more, the resulting color will be all the richer. If you don't, skimp a bit, just don't use less than 1/8th, and always use Bacardi 151. I cannot stress this enough. Any other rum will have a completely different diffusion ratio, as well as a different (and most likely disruptive) taste. Bacardi 151 is 75.5 percent alcohol, whereas most other rums contain far more fillers and toxins. Toxins are not a bad thing as rum goes, we simply don't want most of them in this drink.

6. No matter what you may wish to believe, you must use no less than 1 part Everclear for every 1 part Goldschlager. This is essential, in that the high-grade alcohol dilutes (or cuts) the thick Goldschlager, preventing it from clinging about your throat and mouth, resulting in a truly foul and altogether undesirable (not to mention cloying) cinnamon aftertaste.

7. Always provide a lemon with every drink. When consuming this mix as shots, the sour lemon juice perfectly slakes any lingering burn from the alcohol.

8. Pour mix into a sealed, freezer-proof container (some plastic will crack or shatter in the cold), preferably a glass-lined thermos. Chill thoroughly and always serve ice cold. If possible, frost the glasses you plan to use as well.

9. Always shake well before serving to ensure even distribution of gold flakes.

* Final mix is 106.57-proof (53.3% alcohol) when served straight up as shots. Also works well for mixed drinks.
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