Cocktail Recipe: Beer Rita's Add to My Drinks
2 can(s) Minute Maid Limeade
1 fifth(s) white tequila
1 fifth(s) Triple Sec
6 bottle(s) Beer (A pilsner, i.e. Bud or Bud light)
1 bag(s) Ice

1. Thaw both Limeade cans and dump one can's contents in a large (at least 4 qt.) pitcher. 2. Refill the Limeade container once with the white Tequila and again with the Triple Sec and empty each in the pitcher. 3. Dump 3 (12 oz.) beers in the pitcher. 4. Top with a lot of ice. 5. Stir all the contents and serve immediately. 6. Respect the Beer Rita. Note: This recipe makes about 2 batches of the Beer Ritas. You will use 1 can of Limeade and 3 beers in each batch.
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Category: Liqueur/Cordial
Glass: Pitcher
Added: 2008-05-09

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