Cocktail Recipe: Physics Bomb Add to My Drinks
12 oz Mike's Hard Lemonade
1.25 oz Bacardi 151 Rum

For this, you need: **Hard Lemonade- **151- **A broom- This is a strange one! I invented this in October of 2005 at Gonzaga University, after getting the idea from my physics class--I wanted to apply my knowledge to the real world. Heh heh heh. **1** Set two pint glasses/beer mugs on the very edge of a table right next to each other. Fill with 12 oz (1 bottle) of hard lemonade. **2** Take 1 rectangular piece of cardboard, and place it on top of the two glasses. The cardboard should cover the glasses fully, and stick out slightly over the edge of the table. **3** Take two shot glasses, and fill them with 151. Place on the cardboard, directly over the two glasses. Light the shots on fire for effect, and turn out the lights! **4** Now you need a broom. **5** Place the broom vertically in front of the table so that it is touching the cardboard, with the bristles on the ground. Step on the bristles and keep your foot planted. **6** Pull the handle back so that there is good tension, and then let go! **7** The handle will snap forward, and hit the cardboard perpendicularly dead on. What *should* happen is that the cardboard flies out away from you, while the shot glasses stay in place and fall right into the pint glasses, extingusihing the flame and mixing the 151 with the lemonade. At this point you chug. Whether this happens or not depends on how drunk you are when you are setting this up. **8** This demonstrates the property of inertia. Because the force of the broom handle is great enough to overcome the resting inertia of the shotglasses sitting on the cardboard, the shotglasses stay in place while the cardboard moves away. Think of the table cloth being yanked away from under a fancy dinner setting--it's the same principle! Enjoy!

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Glass: Beer Mug
Added: 2008-04-17

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