Cocktail Recipe: Christmas Rumnog Add to My Drinks
1 gal(s) Lucerne Eggnog
12 - 24 oz Harvey's Butter Rum Batter (1 - 2 tubs)
1 fifth(s) Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum

Take your 2 tubs (less if you prefer it to be not as sweet) of Harvey's (or other brand) Butter Rum Batter and let soften at room temperature. Take your Eggnog and place in a large stock pot and place on the stove at medium low temperature and dump the butter rum batter into the nog, stirring frequently so that the butter rum batter mixes in nicely. Warm to perfect drinking temp, about 150 degrees. DO NOT OVER HEAT, as the eggnog spoils easily, it will get thick and custard-y if over heated, you don't want that. Ladle into mugs and put your desired amount of Captain Morgan's SPiced Rum in, 1-2 shots per glass to taste. This also goes rather well with Brandy. Enjoy.

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