Cocktail Recipe: Flaming Lamborghini #2 Add to My Drinks
1 shot(s) Sambuca
1 shot(s) Galliano
1 shot(s) Blue Curacao
1 shot(s) Kahlua
1 shot(s) Milk (ice cold)

This is a 5-in-1 shot drink that needs 2 people involved and of course audience to encourage, applaud the drinker and record the event (camcorder helps but not necessary)! You need to have: 1 Martini glass, 5 shot glasses, 1 straw, Lighter or matches, 1 brave responsible drinker who will not have more than 2 of this 5-in-1 shots. The bartender prepares this flaming shot by pouring the ingredients into the shot glasses. The person doing this shot holds the straw and waits impatiently on the other side of the bar or table until the bartender tells him to: START NOW. Before the bartender shouts “Start Now” he pours the first shot glass of sambuca into the martini glass, places the other 4 shots behind it in order, and lights the sambuca in the martini glass. After he/she shouts “Start now” the drinker proceeds with his straw and starts consuming the flaming sambuca without lifting the straw. The bartender now is holding the Galliano shot in his left hand and the Blue Curacao in his right. Pours the Galliano into the glass when he sees the Sambuca ending so the flame continues to burn. He repeats the same for the Blue Curacao (flame is gone by now), the Kahlua, and the best part of this shot... the ice cold milk! So you are the bartender? You will not believe how the much they will like the milk part of the shot! Compliments of the best bar in Kardamena, Kos Greece while I was the owner up to the 2002 season. No more comments... Enjoy!!!

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Added: 2007-06-25

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