Cocktail Recipe: Dizzy's Dabble Add to My Drinks
1/2 pint(s) Cider
1 shot(s) Pernod
1 shot(s) Vodka
40 ml Black Currant Cordial
1 squirt(s) Guinness

Fill a pint glass half full with any sparkling cider. Pour a shot of pernod and a shot of vodka in. Stir, don't mind the strange color after the pernod is poured in. Pour the black current cordial in just enough to get a hint of color, should be a strange red at this stage! Finally to finish your delight place under a guinness tap (may be any stout) and tap it once (The pint glass will only be 3/4 full). Be careful to just put in a squirt of guinness. Drink away!
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Category: Experimental
Glass: Beer Mug
Added: 2002-12-29

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