Cocktail Recipe: Dr. Gonzalez Bleeding to Death in a Jamaican Orchard Add to My Drinks
1 1/2 oz Dr McGillicuddy Vanilla Schnapps
1 oz Kamora
1 1/4 oz Grenadine
1 3/4 oz Myers Rum
2 oz DeKuyper Apple Pucker Schnapps

You should be ready to be set back at least $12 dollars if you order this little concoction I had during a super bowl party. The vanilla schnapps and the apple pucker do clash, but if you add half an ounce more of the pucker it dilutes it some. I had it with both mexican coffee liqueurs and it tasted stronger with the Kamora instead of the Kahlua.

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Category: Cocktail
Glass: Highball Glass
Added: 2007-06-14

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