Cocktail Recipe: Bird in Hand is Worth Two in the Bush Add to My Drinks
1 part(s) Grey Goose Le Citron Vodka
1 part(s) Wild Turkey
1 part(s) Bushmills Irish Whiskey
1 part(s) Parrot Bay Coconut Rum

I know some of you on here who see my name with a new recipe added on every few days think I'm a lush or a raging alcoholic. Not the case, some of them have been stored up since the beginning of the year when drinknation stopped taking submissions. The canadian vampire one I had Saturday night so some of them are ones I just tried out the night before. Anyways this drink is strong and will put hair in your nether regions if you drink too many of them. You can use pineapple juice as a mixer to break it up like I did and I found out if you add the bushmills in between the birds it lessens the strength of the punch this one throws at you.

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Category: Experimental
Glass: Highball Glass
Added: 2007-06-23

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