Cocktail Recipe: Glen's Saturday Night Special Add to My Drinks
2 part(s) Glenlivet Scotch
2 part(s) DeKuyper ButterShots Butterscotch Schnapps
3/4 can(s) Rockstar Energy Drink
1/2 bottle(s) Corona

This was an interesting concoction to say the least. Bartender misunderstood me and thought I ordered glenlivet with the other 3 ingredients so had to improvise. This drink isn't for the penny pinchers as it sets you back $12. There's a couple different flavors that are mixed together here to pinpoint a defining taste to this one. But if you have a miller chill after it, it balances the night out superbly without getting you totally bombed.

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Category: Beer-Based
Glass: Cordial Glass
Added: 2007-09-24

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