Cocktail Recipe: Four Assholes Raping a Stripper in an Alley Behind a Japanese Restaurant in Soho Add to My Drinks
2 oz Yukon Jack Canadian Liqueur
1 oz Don Julio Tequila
2 oz Sambuca
2 oz Kentucky Beau Single Barrel Whiskey
4-6 dash(es) Rose's Grenadine
2 oz Midori Melon Liqueur

This was a drink that if you didn't pace yourself on then it would definitely knock you on your ass. The new bar where I live had an extensive selection of whiskey. So I took the names of other guys that weren't listed in the original five assholes drink and Rose represents the stripper. If you drink more than 2 of these while out partying your a stronger drunkard than I am.

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Category: Ordinary
Glass: Highball Glass
Added: 2007-10-08

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